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When did you last take some time?

Time to spend doing stuff that you like doing.

Time with your children.

Time to think and make some plans.

Time to reflect and appreciated the journey.

The above picture is the result of one of my Christmas presents.

It took me just under three months to complete.

I would spend 10 to 20 minutes filling in small sections, and slowly seeing the picture emerge. If you get too close it is not as clear, the edges are blurry, you are almost too close to appreciate the real beauty of the image.

It looks much better from a distance.

I tried to encourage my children to enjoy creative endeavours, and they do, on occasions seem to enjoy the process. One likes to doodle and draw the other to create more edible creations in the form of decorated cakes.

Most of their time still seems to be spent on their phones, which is disappointing, however; I found out recently that they have taken to more thought provoking time wasters. I thought that they were spending most of their time on YouTube or TikTok, but actually one has a Sudoku app and the other Nonogram. Both require problem solving and logical thought.

Now that my girls are that bit older I am no longer quite as close to them on a day to day basis. This has helped me to notice things I might not have seen before. I have to say that I like the image which is emerging.

You never know who your children will grow into, but leading by example is still the best option. Show them that time spent doing things you love, with those that you love or even for those that you love, is important.

Eventually you will see the results of your hard work, but possibly not until you are able to distance yourself from it a little bit more.

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