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Parenting is the most personal thing you can do, it is the ultimate job, and as such training helps you better understand yourself and your child. I count myself lucky that I was fortunate to be trained as a parenting facilitator before I had children but admit that putting the calmly though out plans into action was at times much harder than I thought.

After losing my mother to cancer I decided to start recording my experiences and ideas, to provide a record for my own children and  as encouragement to others. Though the books follow my girls through different ages and stages, there are concepts which crop up in later books which would have been useful for me to know earlier, and guidelines in earlier books which really helped me refocus when parenting the older versions. All are available as ebooks or paperbacks, depending on your preference.


I'd love to hear how things are going for you, parenting is always easier with support.

  • Are you looking to starts a family, or into your first few years?

  • Are you finding it hard to persevere with all the practical advice you have received?

  • Do you need help with communicating with your infant?

  • Are you having challenges with challenging behaviour?

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  • Are you looking at options for your developing family?

  • Are you considering moving?

  • Has your family suffered loss or challenges which were not expected?

  • Do you want to know how to keep yourself together so you can be the best parent you can be?

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  • Is keeping up with your child's changing attitude a challenge?

  • Do you want to make the time you spend with your child memorable for the right reasons?

  • Do you want to support your child to build their resilience?

  • Do you want to make the plans you have for your family a reality?

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"Reading Parenting Moves People, is like having a conversation with a friend, i.e. anecdotes and experiences rather than dictatorial advice. It is easy to read cover to cover, but would also be easy to dip into, if needed. I can see how helpful it could be for parents with children coming up to, or midway through the age range, when they are probably just getting out of their comfort zone"

E Dowling

“Parenting Requires Perserverance is another fantastic book in the series. Ruth manages to bring a lighthearted and practical view to parenting that is easy to relate to and entertaining to read. Anyone who is a parent will recognize some of themselves in these experiences and will laugh along with the learnings shared. Ruth is one of the few people to write a parenting book that is honest enough to also discuss what hasn’t worked, rather than just preaching the ‘right’ way. Additionally, many of the lessons shared by Ruth are not just valuable for parenting, but also for everyday life, as we follow her journey learning alongside her children while dealing with whatever life throws her way.”

D Johnson

Coming 2024

The next instalment in the Childish Adult parenting guide series - Watch this space

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