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What you looking for?

When you go for a walk, what do you see?

“I see what I look at”, may be your reply.

So when you walk, think about what you are looking for, as well as what you are looking at, and I guarantee you will see so much more.

When I take my dogs for a walk I want it to be as interesting for me, as they seem to find it. Without their strong sense of smell, I need to rely on other distractions to keep the same old route that little more stimulating.

One of my go to activities is to do a colour walk. I pick a colour or two and then look for it.

The other day I chose blue and purple. So many blue things leapt out at me I was surprised, but purple was a little more elusive.

So I change from looking out into the distance and focused closer to the ground.

A single clover head swayed in the breeze, purple… or would others say dark pink? I kept looking.

Then I did see something purple, proper no argument at all purple. It was a piece of plastic, partially hidden in the grass, not something I would usually spend anytime looking at. But because it was the colour I was looking for it stood out like a little beacon.

Later I walked past some hebe’s with purple flowers, I must have walked past them so many times before, but this time I saw them.

I hope that if you are looking for something to do with your children on your next nature walk, you can use this idea to help them see more than normal.

If you are looking for some parenting support, then I hope that you can see me!

So rather than just pass by without even a like, hit that button, make a comment and let’s start a connection, who knows where it may lead.

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