Are you looking for Paradise island?

Everyone lives on an island, on their own or as part of a larger community.


The flora and fauna on your island is formed from your experiences and education. If you find that you are struggling to cope with what your island has to offer you may feel motivated to pack up and move.


However, unless you address the cause of your challenges, you will take them with you, turning the new place into the old place all too quickly.


To create your island paradise, you need access to extra resources which means being brave enough to travel, possibly to places you have not been to before.


Every island is surrounded by Islets, these are your parenting isles, let me be your tour guide to help you find and navigate these sometimes treacherous waters.

Get in touch to book a one to one to help plan the tour that you need, or look at one of the the three preset islet  tour options.

“I read Ruth’s first book, Parenting gets personal! A journey through the years Age 1-4, when my daughter was born & gained some real gems of wisdom from it. Since then, as she has grown, I’ve often referred to it & been reassured/informed & enjoyed the moral support of another parent’s experience & wisdom.


More recently I have had one to one sessions with Ruth. Her approach & skill as a parenting coach have been invaluable. Not only is Ruth a very good listener she has the ability to understand what’s going on very quickly. She offers the most wonderful advice, in a simple way, that allowed me to resolve several things almost effortlessly. I can’t recommend her highly enough; whether it’s simply a sounding board for reassurance that you need or someone to give you practical advice & support on any parenting matter."


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