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The stress of stress

The most profound piece of information I have learnt about stress, is that it is a normal response to a tricky situation and if treated as such, is ok.

It is only when you stress about stress being bad for you, that it is bad for you!

Advertisers and commercials are designed to tap into our emotions and fear is one which can encourage the best of us to make decisions driven more by panic, than process. If you want someone to spend time at your retreat, or to eat and drink your product; you need them to have a reason to do so. What reason is better than their health. By letting people know how stressful certain situations are, they build up a picture where their solution seems the best one.

The thing is stress is normal; it is your body’s way of letting you know that it is ready for you. Ready to provide you with any number of responses to the situation, all designed to help you to cope with it.

Sometimes the solution does not fit our 21st century lifestyle, and we can get a build-up of chemicals which the body has no real use for.

When you logically know that you are ok, but your body wants you to be ready to wrestle a lion, then it’s good to find an outlet which works for you. You may choose to do some exercise, breathing techniques or allow time for the feelings to subside before making your move.

Last week I was stressing about dogs and kennels. Now I am not. The main reason is because the time to be stressed has now been and gone. Even at the time I realised that there was nothing I could do to change the situation, all I could do was look at alternatives.

We looked at our options, and discussed the alternatives, and we chose one. We were able to do what needed to be done. Other elements looked a little different, but the important thing is that the world did not stop turning,

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