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Would you like to know why I was proud that my daughter bought a potato?

If so, read on...

On all hallows eve I video called my eldest, for our weekly catchup.

The first thing she showed me was a potato she had just bought from the local supermarket.

This made me smile, because I knew what this meant.

It meant that she had remembered our family tradition and had chosen to complete the task of carving a Jack o Lantern for Halloween.

I asked if any of her university friends were joining in, and she said nope, she was doing it for herself.

She decided to carve as we talked, creating some tension in the room as the sound of spoon scooping out raw potato is akin to nails down a blackboard.

Once she was done we compared our creatively carved creations, and I was a super proud parent, happy in the knowledge that I had successfully passed on a parenting tradition and that there are likely to be many more creative carving years to come.

You may ask why a potato? well this is because this year, like many others I have been unable to buy a swede.

Why a swede? well when we were young my parents did not eat pumpkin and didn't like to see waste, so we always carved swedes instead.

I would love to hear of your family traditions.

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