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Living in the moment

How often do you appreciate the moment that you are in?

I ask, as last week I went shopping with my teenage daughter.

As we were driving we were talking about something, what I don’t recall, and she said

“I’m all good right now”

“Even with everything else that is going on?”

“Right here, right now, I am good, I’m enjoying this moment”

The background to my question comes from the fact that she has a trip coming up. One I think she will enjoy and get a lot out of, but she is not so sure. 21 days of learning about herself on an Outward bound adventure.

She is worried about coping for the duration without access to the net, about leaving her newly formed relationship, about being fit enough, making new friends, coping with the cold.

Added to that is the overhanging threat of contracting Covid, at any time.

This has placed an increased level of uncertainty around the whole event.

She would rather cancel it and reschedule, but for me later would come with its own problems, so we have agreed to push on for now.

I was glad that she was choosing to see the world as it was, then and there, and not focus too much on the ‘what if’

The ‘What if’ spiral can be one which is hard to escape from. Being able to plant yourself in the moment is a great way of regaining a feeling of control.

I am worried that feelings of doubt, concern, fear etc. will creep back in, but until then, I for now I have decided that I will enjoy this moment too.

Please let me know if you are enjoying this particular moment.

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