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Beach days

Back in May I went away with my daughter, for a couple of nights.

To keep costs down we looked for cheap things to do, and nothing is quite as cheap as a walk on the beach.

I like the natural environment for its beauty and its ability to release us from our more structured lives.

The first beach we found was covered in drift wood, so I set the challenge of creating something from it. We had no tools with us, so unfortunately the large fire breathing dragon or life like horses were not an option.

I aimed a little smaller.

My daughter was as impressed with my creation as I was of hers.

She felt safer with shapes, stating that she feels challenged when trying to create something abstract. I agreed that when I use more conventional art supplies I find it hard to be abstract too. But there is some form of release in knowing that the resources on offer are never going to be perfect, which removes some of that tension.

Later, on a sandier beach she wrote the obligatory ‘I am cool and awesome’ message with a large stick and helped me to make a flower with some shells.

What’s your go to at the beach?

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