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It only takes 5 minutes

Sometimes hanging in there it tough, but if you hang on for 5 minutes, then you've got this.

As I set off on another jog I found myself reflecting on how I felt about the whole fitness thing, debating whether I will continue after I have achieved my goal. The challenge is that the first five minutes of any run is not fun. I does not matter how often I have been running, everything aches, my legs feel like lead weights and my lungs and heart struggle to get into synch. Fortunately I have now done this enough times to know that it will get better, once the first five minutes are over, things settle down and the rhythm is found.

With a few more minutes of the jog to go I started to think of other situations where it can be hard to keep going for those first five minutes.

When you first enter a room full of strangers When you are standing in line to go on an extreme ride When you put yourself out there, and no one follows When you are delivering training to a new group When you are waiting on hold When you are trying to solve a problem or puzzle When you have an idea which you are working on When you have an idea for a LinkedIn post And probably lots more

If I am in the situation, or attempting to do something, then there is a part of me which wants to continue, what I need to do it give this part of me the time to prove itself. It is easy for doubt and indecision to make you change your mind. It is often easier to walk back out of the room or to leave the queue, rather than risk things going wrong. Controlling the discomfort, nerves, frustration and fear for just five minutes, may make the difference between success and failure, elation and disappointment, pride and regret.

Awareness helps, I now know I need to give myself time to settle into a decision, to remain in a space which may not be that comfortable for a short while, to give life time to catch up.

Have any of you noticed this five minute challenge?

Maybe share a time when you overcame it.

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