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Lockdown with a teenager

For all of you who feel like you haven't done the best of jobs during lockdown, I encourage you to focus on what you are proud of, rather than worry about what you have not achieved.

Just to provide some perspective during the two weeks of 2021 level 4 lockdown my year 12 teen:

Painted a picture = 2 days

Sorted out her cupboards = 1 day

Tried out the treadmill = 30 min

Went for a bike ride = 1 1/2 hours

Started to make a model = half a day

Made some cookies = 2 hours

Watched some films = at least six that I am aware of, and probably more that I am not

Slept = 13 nights, and 13 mornings

Ate with the family = 11 times

Played games with the oldies = 3 times

Helped cook dinner = Twice

Did some school work = Hopefully!

Helped walk the dogs = Twice

Coped with me or her father checking in on her = At least five times a day

Stayed in her room on her phone, talking to friends, listening to music, playing games and watching who knows what = The rest of the time

The thing is I don't really know what she got up to 24/7, I was trying to do me while she was being her, but looking back to when I was a teen I doubt my parents would have been able to tell you what I was up to either.

All I know is that I am proud that:

She showed me that she can focus on things that she enjoys

She managed to motivate herself to do some exercise

She had time to rest and recuperate during this strange time

She did not complain as often as she could have done

We retained our connection

Focus on your proud parent moments from this lockdown, while remembering that this is but a small part of the whole picture!

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