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Do you have an option C?

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

The other day I suggested to my girls that we go camping Thursday evening, so we could appreciate the super bright moon and stars we had been graced with the last few days. They were keen.

Then I got a call inviting me to an interview on Friday, and remembered I had a zoom one that morning too!

I had to let my girls know I’d messed up, getting them excited for something I couldn’t follow through with.

Don’t worry, says my eldest, we can still watch the moon at home if you want to.

My youngest texts me back. That’s all good, proud of youuu!

I couldn't ask for more supportive kids, which I guess made me want to support them even more.

Then I read a post on LinkedIn by and it mentioned that there is usually a C option. For my plan to watch the moon, my eldest had, in a way, already offered one. This got me thinking. Even if we couldn’t camp, we could still walk to the camp site, watch the moon rise, cook some marshmallows and head back. It would mean a late night but the first interview was not till 10, and via zoom.

I suggested my new idea to the girls, they were keen. Then We looked at the weather, which at the time was full cloud. Maybe it wasn’t going to work after all.

Then my youngest did some research and the weather app said there would be clear skies at 10pm. It was now 7.30pm. With my adult brain working overtime I wondered if it was going to be worth it, but the girls were still keen, so we piled into the car, picked up a friend, picked up marshmallows, biscuits, chocolate, crisps (the list was longer than I planned), and headed off.

As we walked the 2.4km to the camp site, we saw the moon rising over the horizon. Once we arrived we found the fire pit all ready to go, with two campers cooking up their tea. We joined them round the fire, the two youngest went and sourced some toasting sticks, and the smoke filled fun began.

In the end we were there for around 2 hours, and had the opportunity to eat sugary food, chat and watch the moon rise over the trees. It was great watching the girls enjoying the simple pleasure of cooking their marshmallows, playing with smoldering sticks, as if they were sparklers, and watching the world turn. We also had the fun of ever moving smoke, leaving us all smelling erg, coughing and with watering eyes.

So thanks to plan C, we did manage a new memory, one I know I will remember for a while, well until my hair stops smelling of smoke!

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