"Parenting, the hardest, but most rewarding, job you ever take on"

Meet Ruth


Ruth Taylor has been training adults and children in communication, conflict management and leadership skills since the late 90's. In 2002 she completed courses on child and teenage behaviour, and qualified as a facilitator. Soon after, she had the opportunity to put the information into practice personally.

Both her children were born in Britain but the family moved to New Zealand in search of new opportunities and a more active lifestyle.

Things to ponder


Ruth shares her thoughts and feelings on everyday challenges.

The best and most annoying thing, about parenting, is there are no right answers, or one size fits all solutions, but there are some great techniques, which can help make things a little easier.

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The Childish Adult


This book series follows the life and learnings gained by Ruth as she worked together with her husband to raise the Taylor family. Full of antidotes, things to ponder and ideas to try, Ruth shares what has and has not worked for her family as they moved countries, coped with losing loved ones, and became connected with their new community.