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Hi I'm Ruth


I have been training adults and children in communication, conflict management and leadership skills since the late 90's.

After completing an Investment in Excellence programme in my 20's a seed was planted, and it has been growing stronger ever since.


Learning about positive thinking, communication and conflict management provided me with great life skills. Ones which are so powerful that I now facilitate courses to help others gain from them to.

Facilitation is a passion, let me work with you and your team to help combat conflict and find strategies which help solve your problems.

Parenting the hardest but most rewarding job, ever!  

Check out my courses, publications and one to one services.

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The Childish Adult


This book series is for parents and follows the life and learnings gained as I worked together with my husband to raise our family.


Full of antidotes, things to ponder and ideas to try, I share what has and has not worked for our family as we moved countries, coped with losing loved ones, and became connected with our new community. 

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