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Conflict Management


Imagine a world without conflict, no arguments, no-one ever disagreeing with you!


It may have some advantages in that you get what you want, but would you get what you need?  

Even in an ideal world people will disagree. However when we are challenged in a constructive way, with a focus on the outcome rather than an attachment to an idea, people can be supported to grow without suffering from personal damage.


The only people you can control in a conflict situation is yourself.

When you get caught up in a conflict you can find yourself acting in a ‘that’s not me’ type way. You may lack confidence, to overcome the hidden barriers.

We all have a huge potential to be the people we want to be, but and it’s a big BUT, we often give others the permission to get in our way, provide unhelpful criticism and hold us back. 

Who tells you what you can do?
Who tells you what you are like?
Who do you listen to?

There are only two things we have to do in our lives, everything else is a choice. You may not believe me at this point but it's true.

Want to learn more, then get in touch to discuss the needs of your workplace.



“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”   


Henry Ford 

“I found the course very interesting, informative and thought provoking”

Deputy Principle

“I thought it was a good confidence builder and made you more aware of people’s feelings and attitude”     



Improve skills

  • Understand the different roles people take in a conflict

  • Learn to challenge assumptions

  • Use a structure to help manage complex issues 

  • Gain strategies which retain relationships 

Escape the system

  • Learn to talk rather than take the situation at face value

  • Gain information to aid future decisions

  • Create a more open and positive work environment 

  • Look at the problem not the person

  • Empower individuals to take control


  • Confident and self-aware staff

  • Developed leadership and language skills within your staff team

  • Improved critical thinking ability

  • Problem solving skills

  • Improved relationships

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